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IOCC opened its Belgrade office in 1992 at the invitation of the Serbian Orthodox Church to respond to the crises created by the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. From emergency relief distributions to a wide range of economic development and community support initiatives, IOCC has helped thousands of families to recover from war and to rebuild their lives and livelihoods in the new realities of the western Balkans. In Serbia, and throughout the former Yugoslav republics, IOCC continues to focus on long-term, self-sustaining activities aimed at addressing the diverse and changing needs of the society.

AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT — In cooperation with the Visoki Dečani Monastery, IOCC is offering programs focused on helping rural families raise their levels of nutrition, standard of living and agricultural productivity. This includes establishing agricultural associations and cooperatives, enhancing their organizational capacity, and creating a regional agricultural consultant network called "Agro-Link." The IOCC programs create opportunities for small-scale farmers to secure regular food supplies, access new markets, participate in the decision-making process related to sustainable agricultural and rural development, and familiarize themselves with the latest developments in agricultural science and technology.

EDUCATION SUPPORT — In cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, IOCC is providing assistance to local villages in Kosovo and Metohija to improve the learning environment in local schools, community and preschool centers.

EMPOWERMENT OF THE DISABLED — IOCC has initiated programs geared towards improving the ability of children, youth and adults living with disabilities to lead independent, fulfilling and meaningful lives while creating sources of sustainable revenue for specialized social welfare institutions.

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