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Pittsburgh, PA
“Food And Our Faith”
A Practical Nutrition Discussion
Presented by Rita Madden, Registered Dietician
Thursday, September 11, 2008

A lively and informative lecture on “Food and Our Faith” was recently presented at the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral's social hall sponsored by the IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee. Rita Madden, a registered dietician, offered her professional insight on healthy ways of nourishing our bodies complimented with wisdom from the early church fathers and spiritual mothers of the church. Currently in the US people are suffering from many chronic diseases related to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. For example she mentioned how type 2 diabetes is an epidemic in this culture and people’s risk of heart disease is increasing at a very fast pace. Amazingly, Rita suggests staying away from manufactured low-fat foods and artificial sweeteners and recommends eating smaller portions of wholesome foods such as: butter, sugar, grains, fruits, yogurts, etc. at a slower pace. Dark Chocolate has recently been found to be useful in reducing cholesterol and aiding in other health conditions and this was discussed and several types of dark chocolate samples were shared with the audience. A spirited question and answer session followed.

In addition, Nick Terezis provided a brief overview of the IOCC mission. Nearly 60 people attended the event and raised over $700 for IOCC. We thank Rita, one of committee people, for kindly offering her knowledge to help us learn to eat healthier as well as to raise funds for IOCC. We also thank the community of St. George Antiochian Cathedral for their kind hospitality and refreshments.

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