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IOCC Parish Representatives

Parish representatives play a key role in advancing the mission IOCC by generating support for the organization's humanitarian work at the parish level. The duties of a parish representative only require a time commitment of about two hours a month, but the impact they make is significant. Responsibilities include:

  • Creating a parish display of IOCC materials
  • Submitting IOCC announcements to the parish bulletin or newsletter
  • Keeping current on IOCC news
  • Organizing an annual video presentation
  • Keeping the parish priest informed of IOCC-related news.
Everything necessary for the job is provided by IOCC. Up-to-date IOCC materials can be downloaded from our website at or ordered by calling us toll-free at 1-877-803-4622.

Six Ways to Promote IOCC in Your Parish

1. Sign up for Volunteer Updates
(10 minutes each month)
Each month you will receive the volunteer update filled with easy and helpful ideas on how to raise awareness in your parish, information on upcoming events and press releases with the latest news about IOCCs humanitarian programs around the world. To register, click on

2. Make IOCC Known in Your Parish
(1 hour each month)
This is the most effective way to build awareness in your community! Ask your priest if a section of the parish bulletin board may be designated for IOCC; submit IOCC announcements and press releases for reprint in the weekly and monthly parish bulletins; and set up a display of IOCC materials and be available to answer questions from your fellow parishioners.

3. Inform Your Parish About IOCC Activities
(10 minutes each month)
Whether it's an IOCC humanitarian project, a fundraising drive or an event in your community – don't assume your priest, parish council and parish organizations know about it. A brief phone call or conversation after church service is often all it takes to introduce IOCC to your priest. Attend the parish council and women's auxiliary group annual meetings to familiarize their members with IOCC's ongoing humanitarian work.

4. Involve the Youth of Your Parish
(10 minutes quarterly)
Children of all ages can assemble Emergency Kits which include basic school, hygiene or baby supplies. Assembly information can be found at Encourage church youth groups to participate in IOCC's Souper Bowl Sunday, held every February. To learn more visit

5. Help IOCC Reach the Orthodox Community
(10 minutes quarterly)
IOCC's best tool for reaching Orthodox faithful is through its mailing list. Send us contact information for friends and church acquaintances who may be interested in supporting IOCC.

6. Organize a Video Presentation
(45 minutes each year)
IOCC produces a short video every year spotlighting a current humanitarian program. Lent and Advent are great times for a showing. Arrange to show it during Sunday coffee hour or fellowship following Divine Liturgy, place an announcement in the church bulletin and make sure to invite your parish priest and fellow parishioners to see it. The video can be ordered from IOCC by calling us toll-free at 1-877-803-4622.

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