How Your Gifts Have Made a Difference IOCC Aid to Haiti – A Photo Documentary How You Can Continue to Assist in Haiti
How Your Gifts Have Made a Difference
January, 2011
(Photo by Paul Jeffrey/IOCC)
As of September 1, 2010, nearly $4 million in aid has been provided to survivors of Haiti's January 12 earthquake by International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC). The distribution of relief supplies, which began arriving to Haiti within one week of the disaster, has directly served nearly 200,000 people. Aid to survivors has been done in cooperation with ACT Alliance members, the local Orthodox community and other partners.

Emergency aid provided to Haiti has included:

  • Medicines & Medical Equipment
  • School Reconstruction
  • Food Distribution
  • Reforestation Projects
  • Sanitation & Energy Production
  • Water Projects
  • Wheelchairs, Crutches & Walkers
  • Tents & Shelter Materials
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Fuel
  • Blankets & Mattresses

Where possible, relief items such as food, fuel, blankets and mattresses were purchased in the Dominican Republic and Haiti in an effort to support the local economy and promote the renewed flow of commerce on the island.

The following summarize the actions taken to date by IOCC to assist in Haiti:

  • IOCC Deployed to Haiti
    IOCC Senior Programs Coordinator Mark Ohanian and Fr. Antonio Perdomo, a trained emergency responder and pastor of St. George the Great Martyr Church in Pharr, Texas, were deployed to Haiti in February to consult with Orthodox and ecumenical partners and assess the short and long term critical needs of survivors. As a follow-on, IOCC consultant, Mark Gruin, was stationed in Haiti for over four months to work with partners and oversee the implementation of IOCC's response efforts.

  • Water Purification and Sanitation Equipment and Family Tents – $20,000
    Survivors of Haiti's earthquake living in temporary shelters in the Belair neighborhood of Port-au-Prince were provided access to clean drinking water by IOCC in partnership with ACT Alliance member Norwegian Church Aid (NCA). Water purification and sanitation equipment for 10,000 Haitians and 500 family tents valued at more than $600,000 were airlifted to Haiti on January 18. The water system provides homeless families in the ravaged neighborhood with piped-in water points.

  • Life-Saving Airlifts of Medicines – $2.3 million
    The lack of adequate sanitation and shelter for Haitians who survived the January 12 earthquake poses a serious threat to public health, including mosquito-borne and water-borne infectious diseases. IOCC, in cooperation with Medical Teams International (MTI), provided two airlift shipments of critically-needed medicines and hospital supplies worth over $2.3 million to Haiti on January 21 and February 16. The shipments, made in cooperation with Medical Teams International (MTI), provided assistance to as many as 65,000 Haitians at the King's Hospital in Port-au-Prince.

  • Health Promotion for Survivors in Port-au-Prince – $40,000
    In partnership with ACT Alliance partner, Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), IOCC is providing water, sanitation, health and psychosocial services as well as food and water distributions to communities in need. The project is addressing the distress experienced by children in response to the tremendous loss of life – including family and friends – and the collapse of their communities. One hundred latrines are also being constructed and training on how to build and maintain the latrines is being provided together with information on health and hygiene.

  • Essential Humanitarian Aid for Survivors – $120,000
    IOCC provided $120,000 in support for the distribution of tents, hygiene kits, shelter materials, fuel, food, blankets, jerry cans for water, water purifiers and mattresses distributed throughout Haiti in cooperation with ACT Alliance partners Lutheran World Federation and Christian Aid. All of the items for distribution were purchased in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The assistance was distributed in Port-au-Prince as well as areas to the west of the capital in the towns of Gressier, Léogane and Petit Goave.

  • Ambulance and Anesthesia Machine to St. Francois de Salle Hospital – $78,557
    IOCC purchased and donated a new ambulance and anesthesia machine for the St. Francois de Salle hospital in Port-au-Prince through our partner, Catholic Relief Services. Each are meeting critical needs that the hospital faces in treating hundreds of patients seen each day.

  • Assistance to Orthodox Christian Partners – $207,825
    In support of IOCC's strategic plan, IOCC is working to build the capacity of the local Orthodox churches by supporting their efforts to assist the estimated 3,000 Orthodox Christians that were impacted by the earthquake. Food and non-food items such as hygiene items and cooking utensils were distributed to approximately 3,400 people living in the areas of Léogane, Port-au-Prince, Fontamara, Jacmel, Cayes, L'Etang du Jonc and Pelerin. IOCC is providing technical guidance and financial support to aid in the operational support of four Orthodox schools, including one school for the handicapped. This support makes it possible for over 800 students to receive continued education throughout the remaining school year.

  • Mobility Assistance for the Disabled – $141,250
    A container of 250 adult wheelchairs, 250 crutches and 200 walkers was shipped to Haiti to assist those who have been disabled through injuries sustained during the earthquake. The wheelchairs were provided in partnership with UCP Wheels for Humanity and consigned to partners Lutheran World Federation and Church World Service who both served the local disabled population.

  • Assistance to Haitian Families in the United States – $15,000
    IOCC provided support to the New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS) for its "Haitian Family Resource Center" to provide relief or referral services to over 400 earthquake impacted Haitian households living in New York City or repatriated to the U.S. from Haiti.

  • Land Recovery and Rehabilitation – $100,000
    Deforestation has long been a challenge in Haiti, but it was worsened by the January 12 earthquake, leading to further erosion and landslides. In partnership with Lutheran World Federation, the project will provide for the sustainable management of two forest areas and will improve the livelihood of people in adjacent communities through reforestation and preservation of vital watersheds. Reforestation efforts will target the highly deforested areas of Macaya and Foret des Pins where the local communities will manage the long-term environmental protection and preservation of these areas.

  • Shipment of Children's Blankets – $99,850
    Through partner Heart to Heart International, IOCC shipped a 40 foot container of children's blankets to support the efforts of the Greek Orthodox Church and Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in Haiti.

  • Life Saving Medical Supplies – $518,587
    IOCC provided a 40 foot container of urgently needed medicines and medical supplies to Catholic Relief Services for use at the St. Francois de Salles Hospital. The shipment, made in cooperation with Medical Teams International (MTI), provided assistance to more than 25,000 Haitians.

  • Sustainable Energy & Waste Management – $100,000
    IOCC is helping to develop an environmentally-friendly solution to manage human waste and to produce energy and fertilizer. The project, implemented by ACT Alliance partner Norwegian Church Aid and local partner Viva Rio, will improve sanitation by installing these "biogas digester" systems in 4 newly-rebuilt schools in Port-au-Prince. The project will provide a clean and sustainable learning environment for 14,000 students.

  • School Reconstruction and Disaster Shelter – $100,976
    IOCC contributed to the reconstruction of permanent school facilities to accommodate 450 students and 15 teachers in the rural regions of Leogane and Grand Goave. The projects are being implemented in partnership with ACT Alliance partner, Finn Church Aid, and include the construction of a hurricane shelter for up to 1,350 people in the community. The project also provided temporary employment for 50 people.

  • School Reconstruction – $20,000
    IOCC is aiding in the rebuilding of 3 schools during the last half of 2010 in anticipation of the beginning of the new school year in Haiti in January 2011. The schools are being built in the towns of Petion Ville, Tabarre and George Marc. The project, made possible through a partnership with the Brother's Brother Foundation and Food for the Poor, will provide a safe learning environment for over 1,500 students each semester.
(Photo by Paul Jeffrey/IOCC)
The projects above were made possible by thousands of donors who gave generously in support of IOCC's response efforts in Haiti, including:
  • The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
  • Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society
  • The John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation of Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
  • The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA)
  • The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR)
  • ORTAID (Orthodox Church Aid from Finland)
  • Private Donors

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