How Your Gifts Have Made a Difference IOCC Aid to Haiti – A Photo Documentary How You Can Continue to Assist in Haiti
How You Can Continue to Assist in Haiti
January, 2011
(Photo by Paul Jeffrey/IOCC)
Dear Friend of IOCC,

Thank you for your important contribution to support the people of Haiti during this past year.

With your help, nearly 200,000 people in Haiti have received vital assistance through IOCC over the past twelve months. Emergency aid delivered in the days and weeks following the disaster sustained life with the help of medicines and medical equipment, essential food, clean water, tents, fuel, blankets and mattresses.

Since the earthquake, IOCC has been working with survivors to address the long-term need for permanent housing, clean water and sanitation, and other basic necessities. Your gifts are making a difference by providing:
  • Health projects that provide sustainable sanitation facilities to contain waste and prevent the contamination of water supplies and prevent health threats like cholera that have plagued Haiti since the earthquake.

  • Assistance to four schools to ensure that hundreds of children can continue to learn as well as the reconstruction of another school that will not only provide a place to learn, but is also being built to withstand hurricanes and other natural disasters and will serve as a disaster shelter for the community.

  • Reforestation and sustainable livelihood projects in rural areas are helping to restore vital ecosystems that will help prevent mudslides and flooding that destabilize homes and intensify the effects of the earthquake and hurricanes that frequent Haiti.
Your gifts have made a significant and lasting difference. Thank you.

But as we recognize what we have been able to do together over the past year for the people of Haiti, Rose – a 10-year old survivor of the earthquake – reminds us of the work that is yet to be done.

Rose lost both of her legs when the orphanage she was living in collapsed. Already without a family, she became permanently disabled. As she grows, Rose will require a new wheelchair, physical and occupational therapy and support from her community.

Your gift to IOCC today means that people like Rose and other Haitians who survived the earthquake and have been disabled, or become homeless or sick will receive help. So much is left to be done to address the suffering in Haiti.

Together we can help.

With your generous gift, we can help families to rebuild their lives and communities and create sustainable living conditions that will help to restore justice, dignity and peace for the people of Haiti.

I urge you to remember Rose and the tens of thousands of Haitians who are in continued need of our help by sending your gift today. Please reach out with your generous gift so that this important work may continue.

Yours in Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

P.S. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers and respond with your gift today.

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