Dear Friend,

I keep thinking about seven-year-old Kyla.

Kyla's eyes gleamed as she studied stacks of brand new books that had been delivered to her classroom in a community-based after-school program in the United States. She quickly surveyed the piles to pick out the one she might begin to read as soon as she was given the chance.

Kyla's eager enthusiasm exposed the joy of the anticipation she felt before she devoured a story in a book filled with a collection of short stories.

By making a special Christmas gift to a loved one through the IOCC "Gift of Love" Catalog you can help children in need, like Kyla, who wait in the hope that your help will also reach them.

Your gifts of love will not only be appreciated by friends and family, but will provide vital help to people in need around the world. Your gifts given through the IOCC catalog can alleviate suffering and provide opportunities for young people to learn, can help impoverished rural communities to cultivate sustainable sources of food, and can provide healing medicines to those who are suffering.

Yours in Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO

Give a Gift of Love This Christmas!

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