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Volume 8, No. 2FALL 2005

Gifts in Kind —
matching resource to need

Cases of school kits (a joint project with IOCC’s partner Church World Service) are unloaded at an elementary school in Tbilisi, Georgia. More than 15,000 school kits have been distributed to children in the Republic of Georgia. Photo: IOCC-Georgia

Jerusalem (IOCC) — IOCC’s Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) program focuses on matching quality material resources to the needs of individuals across the world who IOCC serves every day. While cash grants will always be the preferred resource because they can be specifically tailored to all aspects of a situation, GIK procurements allow field offices to respond to the human need that confronts them on a daily basis.

The GIK resources that IOCC solicits are not the used clothing, blankets or other miscellaneous household items that well intentioned homeowners desire to donate. There was a time when these items were appropriate; however, today the costs of collecting, sorting, transporting, shipping and storing these items outweigh their value. Charitable organizations also face the reality that developing countries aren’t willing to admit these used products into their countries free of tax and duty. It’s important to note that IOCC is not seeking donations of used household products.

The items that IOCC is seeking are 20 or 40 foot shipping container loads of new quality products that manufacturers or distributors desire to donate for IOCC’s use in its international programs.

Products range from blankets, linens, school supplies, vitamins, new English language or literature textbooks to tools, tractors, seeds, high-protein foods, quality pharmaceuticals and hospital equipment. These are just a few examples of desirable GIK resources — IOCC is willing to consider any appropriate donation.

An average 40 foot container of quality products can be valued around $400,000 (although a recent antibiotic container was valued at $2.9 million) with IOCC’s costs for acquiring, handling, transport, shipping, storage and distribution averaging $15,000. This is what makes the GIK program so efficient — such a donation can leverage at least 25 times the value in quality products.

How you can help:
  1. Help us to identify manufacturers and suppliers of suitable products who might be willing to support IOCC’s GIK program.
  2. Facilitate our introduction to the decision makers of these prospective donors. (Sometimes they may be family, friends, neighbors or contacts you know through your business or professional associations).
  3. Designate financial support for shipping costs so that when a GIK is secured we will have the financial resources to deliver it overseas and distribute it effectively.

Should you have any questions about IOCC’s GIK program, please contact Dan Christopulos via email by clicking here or 952-930-3286.

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