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Volume 8, No. 2FALL 2005

IOCC in the workplace

Does your place of employment sponsor a workplace charitable campaign? If so, you and your co-workers may be eligible to support IOCC through the convenience of payroll deductions.

IOCC offers an Orthodox alternative to the many government and private employers hosting workplace employee charitable fund drives this fall.

Workplace giving campaigns are annual, employer-sponsored employee payroll deduction programs that make it easy to make contributions to the charity of your choice.

Through its affiliation with Global Impact, IOCC participates in workplace charitable campaigns conducted among employees in federal, state, city and county governments, public schools, private sector worksites and several United Way campaigns across the country. IOCC participates in all 385 individual federal employee campaigns conducted by the Combined Federal Campaigns throughout the United States.

You can designate to IOCC by writing code 0348 on your pledge card. For more information on workplace campaigns, visit www.iocc.org/workplace.

Employer matching contributions can multiply the impact of your charitable gift. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Some employers match gifts as large as $10,000 or more!

Your gifts to IOCC help us to provide high-impact, life-sustaining programs throughout the world. When your gift is matched, IOCC can use it to reach twice as many people in need.

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IOCC in the workplace

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