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Volume 10, No. 2FALL 2007

Voices of Faithful Philanthropists

“Our parish priest got us involved with IOCC when it was first launched. It didn’t take long for some of the great news about what you are doing to reach us. It’s important for us to help out those people who need help. I especially feel for the IOCC staff who are working in Lebanon and the Middle East. They are doing a great job just by being there. The microloan programs are fantastic; only $200 and you can make a world of difference in people’s lives. We are impressed with the fact that the money we give can be leveraged by IOCC to get government funding. We’re very proud to be part of this great organization — even in a small way.”

— James and Vassiliki Montgomery
Gulf Breeze, FL
IOCC Supporters Since 1992


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Voices of Faithful Philanthropists

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