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Volume 12, No. 2 Fall 2009
IOCC Volunteer Highlight:
Nick Terezis
“You have to be willing to hear, ‘no’, dozens of times before you hear yes ... nothing that is really good ever comes easy.” Nick Terezis had been the Chairman of the IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee for 6 years. Though Nick has a full-time job and a family, he has made time to plan several events for IOCC each year for the past 10 years. While living in New York, Nick planned between 8-10 events each year.

When Nick moved to Pittsburgh and learned a metropolitan committee did not exist, he knew he had to get one going right away. Nick contacted all 125 parishes in the Pittsburgh area and started the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee. Each year, the Pittsburgh committee hosts a minimum of 4 events, i.e., One-In- Spirit Dinner, Theophany Ball, Wine Tasting and a special themed event.

Nick is full of good ideas and knows how to execute them in an efficient and effective way. “It’s an honor to help people do their best to do God’s work,” says Nick. “If I can help get the word about IOCC out a little faster, that is a good thing!’


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IOCC Volunteer Highlight: Nick Terezis

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