Volume 13, No. 2
Fall 2010
Response Shifts To Health and
Recovery In Disaster Areas
A child works on a lesson at the Foyer d'Amour ("House of Love"), a school for the developmentally disabled operated by the Orthodox Church in Haiti. Educational projects have been a focus of IOCC's recovery efforts in Haiti. (Photo credit: M. Gruin/IOCC Baltimore)
Baltimore, MD (IOCC) — Even before shockwaves buckled school buildings and homes, only about half of primary school-aged children were enrolled in school in Haiti. After the earthquake, 90% of schools in the affected area were damaged or destroyed, according to data from UNICEF. In response to these needs, IOCC is working with four Orthodox schools, including one for the disabled, to enable over 800 students to learn. The efforts are part of $4 million in projects that IOCC has provided in response to the disaster.

"Children are particularly vulnerable after disasters and a focus of our concern," said Constantine Triantafilou, IOCC executive director. "Hundreds of thousands of children in Haiti and Pakistan lost everything in an instant – homes, schools and many lost family members."

IOCC is also partnering to construct school facilities for an additional 450 students in LĂ©ogane and Grand Goave. The schools will also function as hurricane shelters for up to 1,350 people in communities that are prone to heavy seasonal rains and hurricanes.

In the capital, Port-au-Prince, IOCC is working in cooperation with other agencies to develop an environmentally-friendly solution to manage waste. The project, in four newly-rebuilt schools, will provide a clean and sustainable learning environment for 14,000 students.

In Pakistan, IOCC is supporting the efforts of the Orthodox Mission there to provide immediate food assistance to over 2,200 people in the flood-affected areas. With much of the infrastructure damaged or compromised by the flooding, access to clean water is a concern, especially for children who are vulnerable to water-borne diseases. With the support of the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, IOCC provided more than $265,000 in medicines to help treat dysentery and cholera.

IOCC has also been providing emergency supplies to people affected by fires in the Ryazan region of Central Russia. Aid to the region southeast of Moscow will reach 640 people and includes personal hygiene kits, blankets, towels and bed linens. The relief is being provided in cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian Round Table, an ecumenical forum for social service in Russia.

IOCC is grateful to the thousands of people who have responded to natural disasters and to the following organizations for their generous support:
  • The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
  • Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society
  • The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
  • ORTAID – Orthodox Church Aid, Finland
  • The Orthodox Church in America
  • The John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation
  • The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

(Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/ACT Alliance)

Learn more at iocc.org/Haiti


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