Volume 13, No. 2
Fall 2010
Message from the
Executive Director
This year has been filled with unexpected crises of enormous proportions. The earthquake that devastated the already impoverished country of Haiti has further impacted the poor. The widespread flooding in Pakistan has impacted more than 20 million people, devastated the crops of thousands of subsistence farmers and continues to threaten the lives of children and families who lacked basic necessities – like clean drinking water – even before the flooding. The extended period of heat and fires that swept across a wide swath of Russia disproportionately affected the very young and the elderly and claimed nearly a third of its wheat crops.

As diverse and geographically spread out as these disasters have been, they all hold one thing in common: the vulnerable and the poor – those with the fewest resources to begin with – are most affected by disasters.

In these pages, you will read more about our efforts to work in close partnership with the local Orthodox Church in Haiti, Pakistan, Romania, Russia and Syria to address the needs of people who have been affected by disaster and families living in poverty and help expand the ability of the Church to respond.

Whether we are taking action following natural disasters or providing assistance in the aftermath of conflict, your steadfast support ensures that we can respond in times of acute need as well as work in communities to address poverty before disasters hit.

When the unexpected happens, your commitment to helping others through IOCC is an enduring source of strength and comfort for the poor and for our partners. Thank you for your faithful and vital support for this ministry.

Yours In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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