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Volume 9, No. 1SPRING 2006

Message from the Executive Director

Photo: IOCC-Ethiopia

As we enter the period of Great Lent we prepare ourselves for the fulfillment of God’s promise in the Resurrection. The Lenten fast can be more than a personal preparation; it can also be a reminder of those for whom basic food, shelter, economic self-sufficiency and hope are a daily miracle. The pages of this newsletter are devoted to people who have received those miracles through your almsgiving in supporting the work of IOCC.

First the story of immigrants, the elderly and infirm who were evacuated by a pan-Orthodox and ecumenical group of humanitarian aid personnel from the devastation of New Orleans during the middle of the night after a harrowing journey, and into the capable hands of medical personnel to treat them.

Then there is the story of children in Lebanon and how their school was restored after a bomb damaged their building weeks before classes were to begin.

A village on Nias Island in Indonesia that was leveled by the destructive force of a tsunami over one year ago is beginning to be revived through a comprehensive community development strategy that is bringing hope to the people as new buildings are being constructed.

In Ethiopia, where HIV/AIDS has claimed millions of lives and left over a million children without parents, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is raising new awareness to help those afflicted with the disease with new opportunities to live fulfilling lives in their communities and prevent others from becoming infected.

National Basketball Association Superstar and longtime IOCC benefactor, Vlade Divac, is shown above with two children from Serbia whose family receives support through IOCC projects. The visit occurred during the IOCC Study trip this past September. Photo: Nicole Minor - The Pangea Network

And in Serbia-Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the IOCC Study Group, joined by longtime supporter Vlade Divac, witnessed first hand how IOCC has empowered people, whose lives were destroyed by war and international sanctions, to help themselves.

God’s promise of Resurrection is given flesh on a daily basis through the programs you support in IOCC. As we approach the Resurrectional celebration this year, we thank you for your prayers and we thank you for your faithful support that has brought this Paschal hope to millions worldwide through IOCC.

Yours In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director

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Message from the Executive Director

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