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Volume 10, No. 1SPRING 2007

Voices of Faithful Philanthropists

“My husband and I are converts, so Orthodoxy means a lot to us, and having that Orthodox presence around the world with IOCC means a lot to us. You are helping people in really practical ways, like your work with women in the West Bank. It’s not like you are there for a couple of months and take off, but a real long-term commitment. People are always asking for money but what IOCC is doing is really meaningful. We are happy to be supporters.”

Catherine Hattrem, Lansing Michigan
IOCC annual supporter since 1993

“I support IOCC because it is the charity of our Eastern Orthodox Church and takes in all of our churches. I think IOCC is very dependable and I am quite certain that the money goes where it should go. I always look forward to getting your newsletter and reading about your work. Well handled and well supervised, I think IOCC is one of the best and finest organizations.”

Nicholas Dzubay, Barron, Wisconsin
IOCC annual supporter since 1993

“IOCC has responded so well in all the humanitarian work that they have been doing, and I see humanitarian work as a kind of mission work. Another thing that pleases me is that it is pan-Orthodox. It gives Orthodoxy a presence around the world. I think IOCC has done an outstanding job in its short history.”

George Dandalides, Virigina Beach, Virginia
IOCC annual supporter since 1992


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Voices of Faithful Philanthropists

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