Volume 13, No. 1
Spring 2010
Message from the
Executive Director
Constantine M. His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah of Uganda with IOCC CEO Constantine Triantafilou in Katente where IOCC is providing equipment for a school of orphans. IOCC is also creating income-generating projects that will allow the church more financial resources to educate more children. (Photo credit: S. Hanson/IOCC Ethiopia)
When the earthquake struck Haiti, IOCC issued a call to Orthodox parishes around the country to begin assembling hygiene kits for the survivors. In a disaster like Haiti where disease becomes the second killer, hygiene kits are the basic tools needed for health and cleanliness. We are grateful for the overwhelming response. Tens of thousands of kits were assembled by Sunday School children, youth and women's groups and others. Your generosity through these kits has personally touched the survivors of this disaster and your financial gifts have so far provided over $3 million in aid, including the delivery of water purification and sanitation equipment, wheelchairs and crutches, tents and shelter materials, hygiene kits, fuel, food, blankets and mattresses and crucial medicines and hospital supplies.

A story from our office in Ethiopia highlights the debilitating disease, podoconiosis, where limbs swell to a grotesque size, and how IOCC is combating it in a new partnership with the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society. In Romania a new $1.5 million program is underway to strengthen the Romanian Patriarchate's efforts to provide health and social services. In the Holy Land, we're pleased to announce new and sizable projects in both Gaza and the West Bank to provide jobs, cultivate farm land, and address the needs of children affected by the trauma of war.

Finally, we're introducing a new section in News & Needs that will provide a spiritual reflection on our humanitarian work. We are reminded that not only is the mission of IOCC life-sustaining for those we serve, but that through Christ-like actions is also the actualization of our faith. Thank you for joining with us to respond in the spirit of Christ's love to those in need worldwide.

Yours In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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