Volume 15, No. 2
Spring 2012
Message from the
Executive Director
Dear Friends,

The faithful action of thousands of Orthodox Christians united together to demonstrate compassion for others has been the cornerstone that has transformed an ambitious idea into a movement that has helped families in 50 countries across the world. Your compassion through IOCC has touched the lives of millions of people once left homeless, hungry or without hope for the future.

Where once the streets of Beirut and Banja Luka were filled with the rumble of army tanks and the cries of anguished mothers, the air now carries the upbeat chatter of Lebanese children at play in rehabilitated schools and Bosnian shopkeepers bustling in small businesses financed though microcredit loans. Where once children of Uganda faced losing a parent to war or in Ethiopia to famine, they now face the prospect of going to schools you helped build and learning skills that will help them find a job and build a future for themselves. Through your compassion, you have provided the opportunity for new beginnings.

IOCC has been blessed to be surrounded for the past two decades by people committed to its mission of providing assistance in the spirit of Christ’s love: the church leaders and visionaries who saw that the humanitarian need was great and answered it with the founding of International Orthodox Christian Charities; the relief workers who persistently rolled up their sleeves and risked their own safety to ensure refugee children were fed and displaced elderly received life-sustaining health care; the volunteers and Metropolitan committee members from coast to coast who persisted in spreading IOCC’s mission and growing the organization into a force for good; and you, our faithful donors, who have entrusted us to respond on your behalf to human needs with humanitarian deeds.

On behalf of the thousands of grateful families whose lives you have uplifted through IOCC, we thank you. And we look forward to further extending the promise and hope of new beginnings for even more families around the world through our united efforts

In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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