Volume 16, No. 2
Spring 2013

From The Executive Director

Dear Friends,

In my 20 years of travels for IOCC, I have always been most humbled by the families I met that were struggling to survive but eager to share what little food they had with me. Their generosity and desire to make me feel included brings to mind the example of the Last Supper, where Jesus offered bread to His Disciples as a symbol of including them in His Life. This offering or "prosphora" is carried on today in the Orthodox Church, following Divine Liturgy as an offering to nourish the souls of the Orthodox faithful.

Your generosity in support of IOCC's humanitarian work allows us to share what we have with the world's families in need. Like the prosphora which is shared at the end of Divine Liturgy, your gift of sharing has helped relieve hunger with emergency food packages for displaced Syrian families, brought the comfort of warm winter blankets to impoverished children of Armenian inmates, and helped ease the suffering of families living in isolation in the West Bank.

This Lenten season as we reflect on the love that Christ shared with us in His ultimate sacrifice, I hope that you will also experience the rewarding feeling of sharing with others in need around the world so that they too feel included in God's family.

In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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