Volume 15, No. 3
Summer 2012
Georgian Youth Trade Troubled
Pasts For Promising Futures
Rehabilitation classes included team building exercises that helped them practice patience and develop skills to become more adaptable to change. (Photo credit: Zaza Macharashvili/IOCC)
They came together sharing a common thread ... 92 young men and women on probation for troubled pasts filled with anti-social behavior, petty crime and substance abuse. Left on their own, young men like Levan, 20, seemed destined for a life outside the law. When he was selected to participate in a new rehabilitation project offered by IOCC in partnership with the Anti-Drug Center of the Patriarchate of Georgia, Levan saw it as a waste of time. "In the beginning I did not expect anything good at all, I saw distrust and skepticism in almost every participant’s eyes. I could not tell what I was doing here."

Antisocial behavior among young people is one of the biggest problems facing Georgian society today. The IOCC project included at-risk juveniles as well as young probationers over 18 who were in more critical need of rehabilitation. During a month of intensive group counseling sessions with psychologists and a Georgian Orthodox priest, Levan and his fellow probationers learned new communication and coping skills needed to help transform their rebelliousness into constructive life skills. "I learned a lot here, and decided to become a successful man," said Levan. "I became more communicative, I saw that other probationers too are ordinary normal people. The rehabilitation really exceeded my expectations." For 23-year-old mom, Aleona, it inspired a new career path. "This training has really helped me. Now I want to become a psychologist myself."


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