Volume 15, No. 1
Winter 2012
Making the Gospel Alive
Father Michael Rosco
Your support kept Christmas alive for families living in isolation in the Gaza Strip as IOCC distributed gifts to more than 540 children attending a Nativity celebration hosted by His Beatitude Archbishop Alexios of Gaza. (Photo credit: Dimitrije Djukic/IOCC)
Our Lord's most powerful and important message can be found in Matthew 25:31-46. In relating the Parable of the Last Judgment, Christ vividly illustrates what criteria will be used when "... He shall come again in glory to judge the living and the dead." Simply put, our eternal fate will one day be determined by how we respond to the basic human needs of others. Indeed, we are called upon by our Savior to feed those who are hungry, to offer drink to those who are thirsty, to offer clothing to those who have none and to visit and offer comfort to the ill and imprisoned. He emphatically reminds us that when we do these things for the least of His brethren, it is as if we have acted charitably towards our Master Himself.

For twenty years now, IOCC has based its very existence on following Christ's words in this Gospel lesson. IOCC has been a global organization, responding to emergency situations throughout the world as well as obediently heeding our Lord's command to feed, clothe, comfort and teach. The impact of IOCC has been seen in the remote villages of Africa, the war-torn region of Bosnia and the streets of New Orleans, to name just a few places that have seen IOCC in action. Whenever a helping hand has been needed, IOCC has been there to extend it.

Can we call upon each other to play a leading role in promoting the work of IOCC? If we are enthused about the exciting and life-changing work of International Orthodox Christian Charities, our enthusiasm can serve as encouragement for others to share in our support of this fine apostolate of the Church.


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