Volume 17, No. 1
Winter 2014
Reaching Families Isolated
By Typhoon Haiyan
An Orthodox priest looks on in disbelief as a survivor of Typhoon Haiyan leads them through the remains of his home in a remote area of Leyte Province in the Philippines. (Photo credit: IOCC)

On November 8, the most powerful tropical storm ever to make landfall blasted across the Philippines with wind speeds up to 195 miles per hour, affecting more than 13 million people – including at least five million children – across 41 provinces in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

IOCC, an ACT Alliance member, is working with Orthodox churches and relief partners inside the Philippines to provide more than 8,000 storm survivors with assistance including food parcels, medicine, emergency medical care for the sick and wounded, and water purification tablets to improve access to safe water for drinking and cooking. Relief workers continue to slowly make their way through towns and villages, distributing urgently needed assistance to isolated Filipino families. For weeks, thousands of storm survivors cut off from the rest of the country endured hunger, thirst and exposure as they waited in desperation for aid they feared wouldn't come in time. No electricity or telephone service, and roads blocked by piles of debris made it nearly impossible for government agencies and relief organizations to respond quickly. As roads are cleared, IOCC and its church partners in the Philippines are directing relief efforts to reaching the country's most isolated survivors of the storm.


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