IOCC’s Global Response
Fall 2014

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by IOCC
IOCC is working to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment for Lebanese school children and their Syrian classmates as the conflict in Syria continues and more refugees – half of them children – continue to seek refuge in Lebanon. This school in Bar Elias is one of 50 Lebanese public schools being rehabilitated by IOCC to improve school conditions for more than 7,500 Lebanese children and to accommodate the swell of 5,000 Syrian refugee students enrolling this fall. Plumbing, electrical systems, and playgrounds are being upgraded to meet safety standards.
photo by Azzam Shabib/IOCC
Across the West Bank, Palestinian women, particularly those living in the isolated north, struggle to support their families because of few opportunities to develop income earning job skills. IOCC is empowering 185 female-headed households in the West Bank by supplying livestock and training, as well as agricultural support for home gardens to help ensure that these families are able to produce enough food to feed their families and marketable farm products to be sold for desperately needed income.
photo by Nenad Prelevic/IOCC
Flood survivors in a village near Kraljevo, Serbia, welcome building supplies from IOCC to repair their flood damaged home. Many of the area's families were displaced from Kosovo and struggling to make ends meet, or elderly farmers on limited incomes. Numerous residents of the village also suffered damage to their homes after a devastating 2010 earthquake and now lack additional resources to rebuild their homes again. IOCC is providing home repair kits to help vulnerable families in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina return to their homes quickly and safely.

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