IOCC’s Global Response
Winter 2014

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by Thomas Lohnes/DKH
Nisrine, 23, and her newborn daughter huddle next to the warmth of a stove provided by IOCC. Snow and frigid weather in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley are threatening the well-being of thousands of Syrian refugees living there in makeshift vinyl tents or tenement buildings with no electricity or water. IOCC is responding with stoves and heating fuel for 900 refugee families. IOCC is also providing new refugee mothers like Nisrine with pre and post natal care as well as health care for refugee infants and youngsters under five years of age.
photo by IOCC
A mother and her children take temporary shelter under a tarp outside their home destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. More than one million family homes were damaged or destroyed by the one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. IOCC and church partners in the Philippines are working to help 1,000 families rebuild uninhabitable homes. IOCC is also providing storm survivors with food parcels, medicine, and water purification tablets. The need for emergency hygiene kits continues to grow. Simple kit assembly instructions can be found at
photo by IOCC
These young wards of a Church-run orphanage in northern Greece will stay warm this winter with the help of heating oil provided by IOCC. Support for the emergency distribution of heating fuel to 35 social institutions across 15 prefectures in northern Greece is made possible through the generous support of The Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc., which has pledged to match contributions to IOCC for its efforts to address hunger and poverty in Greece. More than 1,900 orphans, disabled and elderly residents will benefit from the emergency assistance to social institutions in Greece.

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