IOCC’s Global Response
Spring 2014

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by Ryan Erickson/IOCC
Lebanese women cook side-by-side with Syrian refugee women to prepare lentil soup that will feed 240 Syrian refugee families living in the Akkar district of northern Lebanon. Most of the refugee families receiving the delivered hot meals do not have kitchens needed to cook. IOCC created the community kitchen as part of its ongoing efforts to stave off the threat of malnutrition among refugee families. The menu of traditional Syrian dishes prepared by the community kitchen is overseen by IOCC nutrition experts to ensure that the meals are providing a balanced diet to the refugees.
photo by Visoki Devcani Monastery
Kosovo is mainly a rural area with about two-thirds of the population living in remote villages. Most are small-scale farmers trying to eke out a living with limited farm equipment and an often unreliable water supply. Working with the Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Raška and Prizren, and Visoki Devcani Monastery, IOCC is responding with the digging of new wells to improve access to clean water for families living in remote rural areas in Kosovo. Locally constructed greenhouse provided by IOCC will also help farmers extend their growing season and reap more income to support their families.
photo by Eirini Vourloumis/IOCC
As hundreds of thousands of families and elderly in Greece continue to face poverty and hunger, IOCC is responding in cooperation with Apostoli, the social service agency of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Athens. IOCC is providing support for the distribution of hot meals at church-run soup kitchens in central Athens, and the distribution of dry foods parcels from church parishes throughout the country. The Jaharis Family Foundation grant to IOCC supports these efforts along with a program to provide Greece’s most impoverished with access to fresh produce and milk from Athens supermarkets.

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