Boosting Confidence One Child at a Time

Eight-year-old Hassan was not only spending a lot of time by himself, but he was having a hard time concentrating and following directions at the Dream Center his mother enrolled him in.

You Can Help Create a Safe Space

Living amid violence can be tough for anyone, but for those in Syria, especially children, the conflict is taking a toll.

US: Award-Winning Service

It’s been two years since Hurricane Irma lumbered north along almost all of Florida, and communities there are still rebuilding. Volunteers with IOCC’s disaster res

IOCC Monitors Dorian’s Impact

In preparation for Dorian, IOCC is coordinating with partners and Orthodox parishes in affected areas and has Frontliners standing by.

Can You Help Us Stay Prepared?

It's only with donor support that is IOCC able to respond quickly and effectively with care and assistance to those in need.

Gaza: Boosting Health Means a Brighter Future

When children don’t get the nutrition they need, it can seriously affect their development. And in Gaza, where jobs and incomes are limited, families often struggle to provide enough ...

Greece: Steadily Growing into Success

A Greek social co-op based in Aiginio, Greece, Speira Gis was established in 2013 and started production two years later. Today, the group has five members.