A Note from the (Mucky) Field

My bags packed, I’m off to the airport for an IOCC home build in Houston—praying all the way that I can be of service this week. First day onsite, I learned ...

How Do You Offer Hope?

Because of donor support, IOCC has been able to provide hope and opportunity to millions of refugees fleeing violence and uncertainty across the globe.

Disasters Happen. Be Prepared

Every second counts in an emergency. That's why it's crucial to have a game plan your whole family and parish is comfortable with. Plan ahead by downloading our easy guides.

Help IOCC Change the Stigma Now

We're on a mission to help stop podoconiosis. And here's how we're going to do that.IOCC is creating a ripple effect with both short-term and

I’m Fortunate to Have Always Worn Shoes

“My kids don't want me undertaking any more community work.... But how can I do that when I know there are so many people that need to learn about the treatment and prevention of this disease?”

Gaza: Vocational Training Renews Hope

When he learned about IOCC’s vocational training in his community, Asif enrolled. He completed technical training in solar and renewable energy, learning system design and maintenance.

Shoes Are Not Just for Fashion

Can you imagine living with pain so strong it leaves you unable to move? Kemel can. Kemel has been living with ...

Deberie Can’t Wait to Share THIS with Others

“When my condition gets better, I want to show as many people as possible that this disease is treatable,” said Deberie.Deberie, 38, has been living with incredible pain

US: Training Leads for Disaster Response

As part of IOCC’s ongoing efforts to grow our effectiveness and reach here in the United States, more than 30 volunteers completed a three-day training this month in Minneapolis, Minnesota, preparing to lead IOCC’s disaster response teams.