Globally, the number of people who live without access to safe water is equal to twice the population of the United States according to the World Health Organization. Without access to clean water, mothers can’t cook, bathe their children, or wash clothes; farmers can’t earn a living wage or feed their families because their crops suffer, and children contract waterborne diseases leading to early death.

This World Water Day, your support is making it possible to bring safe, clean water to people around the world, including:

  • Tanzania: Where your support allowed us to drill 12 wells to provide clean water to around 25,000 individuals
  • Syria: Your support is allowing us to drill 4 wells that will supply clean water to approximately 71,400 individuals
  • Ethiopia: Your support helped to install five large-capacity water tanks, as well as build and rehabilitate community-based water pipes in the area hit hardest by Ethiopia’s drought. You also provide much-needed water for livestock in remote drought-stricken communities where little emergency relief is available
  • Lebanon: With your support, IOCC connected the only governmental hospital in Mount Lebanon that provides healthcare to Syrian refugees to a stable water source

Give generously this Lenten season in honor of World Water Day so we can continue to improve access to clean water for those in need around the world.