Greece suffers one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Europe. With a lack of employment opportunities and resources, youth become more susceptible to risks such as marginalization and exclusion.

With partner Finn Church Aid, the CO{DE} + CREATE project brought together local and refugee youth to learn valuable digital skills that help them visualize their potential and look forward to future opportunities. This experience has also facilitated interaction and communication across languages and cultures. “It's nice to have a place in the city where I feel welcome,” said one refugee participant. 

CO{DE} + CREATE taught students beginner and advanced level coding, computer programming, and digital content creation, as well as allowed students to design and program a 3D robot with their new skills. The project offered weekly assignments, quizzes, and access to the learning lab, where students could practice their skills and experiment while spending time with peers in a safe place. 

“I like everything [about the] class. I'm very thankful to my teachers and all other staff” said one student, after completing the program.

Providing education and job skills to youth is only one way in which your generosity makes a vital difference. Please give today so we can continue to help those in need around the world.

P.S. You can also help provide relief to the people of Greece by donating to our Give for Greece campaign. Your donation will go twice as far thanks to The Jaharis Family Foundation, Inc., which will match the first $1 million in donations through February 28, 2018.

*Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development