Ukraine: Baskets of Basics Offer Hope

IOCC partnered with dioceses in Ukraine to distribute food parcels—Easter “baskets”—to displaced people during Orthodox Holy Week.

Greece: Fire Response Latest

Ioannis, a livestock farmer in Evia, Greece, received feed from IOCC for his flock of sheep and goats, helping him maintain his livelihood in the wake of last summer’s destructive fires.

A Small Investment Making a Big Impact

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, greenhouses at a residence for girls and women with disabilities provide fresh produce and occupational therapy for residents.

Paschal Prayer for Peace

Christ is Risen! | Khristos voskres! | Christos anesti! | El Messieh kahm! | Kristos haryav ee merelotz! | Christos t'ensah em' muhtan! | Krishti U Ngjall! | Hristos vaskrse! | Cristo ha resucitado! | Khristus zmartwyckwstal! | Hristos a inviat! | Khristos voskrese!

The Humility and Hope of Christ

This week is a journey unto itself, seeing that in the Church services we participate in Christ’s path to the Crucifixion and, ultimately, Resurrection.

Jordan: Shaping a Productive, Inclusive Future

Hasan is a Jordanian who cannot hear. Through an IOCC program assisting people with disabilities in Amman, he is interning with a garment factory and will have the opportunity to continue as an employee after the program concludes.

Greece: Attica & Evia Fire Response Update

People whose only homes were destroyed in last summer’s fires in Greece have received vouchers to help cover the costs of repairs and refurbishment, such as appliances.