Thank You for Your Compassion

Thank you for your generous gift, which made it possible for IOCC to provide a swift and effective response to help families in Texas and Florida after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Serving Others this Great Lent

“A mother told me that she had to leave her children and walk more than 3 miles one way just to fetch water that her family needed for the day,” Biniam, an IOCC staff member in Ethiopia, reflects.

Jobs Support Community Service

In the Gaza Strip, IOCC has continued offering short-term employment and post-employment support for university graduates ...

Supporting Neighbors’ Health

Part of IOCC's Give for Greece program involves supporting agricultural associations as they work to increase productivity.

Promoting Nutrition Awareness

Through a network of community-based organizations, IOCC held awareness sessions across four of Jordan’s governorates with high populations of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians.