At-Home Activities for the Family

Four chapters from IOCC's newest Prayer Journal focus on the service Christ calls us to offer to people in need, and ways we can join forces to answer that call.

A Resource for Your Family

IOCC's 2020 Prayer Journal shows how you're helping people around the world and directly impacting their lives.

US: During COVID-19, Pivoting to Continue Hands-On Response

as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, IOCC is finding creative ways to keep this work going—safely. Because the needs don’t stop: the derecho that crossed the Midwest and Hurricane Laura are just two recent examples.

Romania: Training Counselors to Fight Addiction

With support from IOCC, local partner Federatia Filantropia (the philanthropic organization of the Romanian Orthodox Church) is providing nationally accredited vocational training for adults, with a specialization in addiction counseling.