Before the crisis in Syria began, family life was stable and peaceful. Marie and Moustafa used to grow cotton, wheat, and olives on their land, which helped them generate $4,000 seasonally. Their children used to go to school, while Marie spent her days taking care of the house and running errands.

But after conflict broke out, the family's only option was to flee. Penniless, they took up residence in a refugee settlement in north Lebanon. Outside their small tent, sewage water flows, causing respiratory infections for Marie’s children. Because of this, Marie frequently takes her children to the primary healthcare center, only adding to their financial burden.

“All the meals are so delicious, plus its free. The children wait for it and love it. What more can we wish for?” says Marie.

Thankfully, through support like yours, IOCC is able to provide families like Marie’s with important nutrition through a community kitchen program. Marie and her husband rely on this food to feed their family and is one of the reasons they chose this specific settlement. Marie also lacks access to basic necessities such as a refrigerator to store food or fuel to heat her stove, making the food from community kitchen even more important.

Because of you, Marie’s family now has access to a diverse and nutritious diet, and the children's health has improved. By providing essential food, you are allowing this family to spare some of their basic expenses so they can focus on the health and future of their children.

In honor of Nutrition Month, make a donation so we can continue helping vulnerable families in Lebanon and around the world.