Thank you for being a faithful supporter in 2017. Below are only some examples of how your generous gift is making an impact on lives around the world:

  • 8 child-friendly spaces (DREAM) have opened in Syria, giving more than 3,060 children a safe space to play
  • At least 8,600 Syrian refugee and vulnerable Lebanese received hot meals and fruit through community kitchens in Lebanon
  • More than 10 remote villages in Tanzania received access to wells, supplying clean and potable water to at least 30,000 people
  • More than 35 farmers have learned efficient irrigation practices and water management, benefiting at least 1,000 people in Uganda
  • More than 500 graduates in the Gaza Strip were provided with short-term employment in various sectors including education, psychosocial support, and agriculture benefiting more than 5,200 community members
  • In Bosnia, more than 1,000 microcredit loans were disbursed to small businesses and entrepreneurs 
  • More than 3,000 Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians received relief through awareness sessions, screenings, and treatments for those with hearing impairments and other disabilities in Jordan
  • An estimated 13,500 adults in Ethiopia have learned how to prevent podoconiosis, and more than 180,000 pairs of shoes were provided to primary-school students, who also learned about effective prevention
  • About 250 small-farming families in Serbia received agriculture support and improved access to ground water
  • In Greece, more than 6 additional agricultural associations and at least 5 new businesses received material and technical support
  • In the country of Georgia, 4 greenhouses heated by geothermal water were built for the Patriarchate of Georgia, allowing the Church to grow produce for its soup kitchen, even during winter
  • In Haiti, construction began of kindergarten and primary-school classrooms in Petionville, providing short-term employment for over 60 people as they build a school that will ultimately serve over 200 children
  • Following severe weather events, emergency and home-rebuilding assistance was provided across the United States, including Missouri, North Carolina, West Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas  
  • More than 120 volunteers have responded after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, clearing over 50 homes of debris and damaged items

None of this is possible without you. Thank you!

Constantine M Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO