2017 Year in Review

You are central to this organization's growth; your financial support and generous gifts of time offer hope to those facing great hardship. Thank you for your ongoing support.

The year 2017 marked IOCC’s 25th anniversary— a milestone in delivering emergency relief and development assistance to people in great need around the world.

In the past year, IOCC has continued offering essentials like food and water to those who struggle to access them, along with longer-term efforts like building agricultural productivity and training health workers and entrepreneurs. Families displaced in their own country and those seeking refuge across a border; schoolchildren who need textbooks and young adults learning new job skills; farmers faced with drought and families earning a living through their gardens—you’ve offered all these people compassion in the spirit of Christ’s love.

You are central to this organization’s growth; your financial support and generous gifts of time offer hope to those facing great hardship. As IOCC’s reach continues to grow, so does our commitment to the highest standards of excellence and accountability.

Thank you for making all this possible, for believing that the Church can and should serve our neighbors by tending to their most basic needs.

In Christ,

Constantine Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO

Mark Stavropoulos
Chairman of the Board



Mark D. Stavropoulos, Chair
John V. Sobchak, Treasurer
Thomas M. Suehs, Vice Chair
Laura Nixon, Secretary
HE Metropolitan Nicolae of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolia of the Americas, Liaison Bishop to IOCC from the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America
Elaine G. Cladis
George Djurasovic
Anne Glynn-Mackoul
Charles J. Hinkaty
Very Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky
Gayle F. Malone
*Rev. Luke Palumbis
Steve Radakovich
Jonathan Russin
*John Sitilides
Very Rev. Nicholas Triantafilou
Michael Tsakalos
**Deacon Paul Zaharas
Dimitri Zgourides


Charles R. Ajalat
George M. Marcus
John G. Rangos, Sr.
†Andrew A. Athens
†George J. Farha, MD


Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO

Tamara D. Segall, CPA
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Stacey E. Mason
Director of Operations

Katrina K. Straker
Director of Development & Communications

*Term ended Oct. 2017
**Term began Oct. 2017