IOCC Assists Flood Victims in Balkans and Caucasus

Baltimore, MD (May 4, 2005) — IOCC is working with partners in Romania, the Republic of Georgia, and Serbia-Montenegro to provide emergency assistance in response to widespread flooding which damaged or destroyed thousands of homes and displaced hundreds of families.

Initial reports by IOCC staff indicate the immediate need for emergency shelter, food and water purification equipment.

Following nearly a week of torrential rains in late April, information gathered by IOCC field staff indicates that the loss of livestock, roads, homes and other shelters in all three countries will require ongoing assistance.

In Serbia-Montenegro, damage caused by the heavy rains was exacerbated by the failure of dams in Eastern Serbia. IOCC is dispatching water purification equipment and personnel to the area in cooperation with its partner Philanthropy, the relief and development organization of the Serbian Orthodox Church, to provide clean water and other forms of assistance.

In the Republic of Georgia, homes have been destroyed, bridges washed away and farmlands inundated by floodwaters. Most of western Georgia and some parts of eastern and southern Georgia suffered from severe flooding. IOCC staff is working with the Georgian Orthodox Church and local officials to coordinate their response.

In Romania, IOCC initiated aid programs in flood-stricken portions of the country three times over the past five years and provided assistance to an estimated 20,000 people. IOCC staff are working with the Romanian Orthodox Church to monitor needs and provide assistance.