Philoptochos Society Provides Grant for IOCC Relief Efforts in the Horn of Africa

ACT/NCA/Laurie MacGregor

Baltimore, MD (August 11, 2011) — This Somali family walked for five days to reach the Dollo Ado Refugee camps in Ethiopia. As many as 1000 people every day cross from Somalia into Ethiopia fleeing famine, which has now been declared in five areas in southern Somalia and is expected to spread across all regions of the south in the coming four to six weeks. IOCC is in Ethiopia assisting local relief partners with efforts to bring food, water and medical care to the severely malnourished famine victims, most of which are women and young children. The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society announced its support for the relief efforts with a $20,000 grant toward IOCC’s efforts in the Horn of Africa.