They’re Still Depending on Us …

Baltimore, MD (December 18, 2008) — As we speak to people throughout the country many are telling us of how troubled they are by the seemingly nonstop headlines of jobless rates and industries in peril. In these uncertain times, the temptation for many will be to turn inward and to act too cautiously.

But IOCC can’t afford to do that. Why? Because too many people are still depending on us.

Medea and Shota lost their farm and all their possessions during the war last summer between Georgia and Russia. Now, they’re depending on us to get them through the winter with heating oil, blankets, food and kitchen supplies.

Sishowe and his wife are both HIV-positive and raising their three children in rural Ethiopia. Sishowe is depending on us for start-up capital so that he can keep his business going selling chickens in his local market.

Lulu lost her father to war in Iraq. Today, she and her mother live in a one room apartment in Damascus, Syria. They’re depending on IOCC for tuition money and for emergency supplies so that some of their income can be freed up to pay medical bills.

And we can tell you about thousands more who, like Medea and Shota, Shishowe and Lulu, are depending on IOCC.

Who is depending on you this Christmas? Certainly your own loved ones, but also Medea, Shota, Sishowe and Lulu. Your support enables IOCC to help thousands of families facing dire situations. And in this time of bleak financial news, IOCC has proven to be an excellent investment. Since we began our operations in 1992, on average, 92 cents on the dollar goes towards programming with only 8 cents spent on fundraising and administrative costs. And, historically, for every dollar you have given us we have been able to leverage almost $7 in government and other funding.

We’re doing all we can to maintain a lean operation; to respond to those who need us the most; and to create long term programs so that people ultimately receive the ability to help themselves.

We know times are tough but our Savior counseled, “Let not your heart be troubled.” With hearts open to His grace and love, help us speed hope and relief to thousands this Christmas by making a tax-deductible gift to IOCC today.

Thank you for your faithfulness and dependability even in these uncertain times!

In our Incarnate Lord,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

Daniel G. Christopulos
Director of Development