Gift Catalog

With your support, IOCC is working hard to build foundations on which people can build better lives themselves. It starts with a single person or family and quickly spreads to a neighborhood, then to a community, and eventually leads to economic growth and development.

This catalog highlights just some of the ways that your gifts through IOCC serve people facing great need across the world. Some are connected to urgent necessities like food, water, and shelter, while others help invest in the future, like getting an education or growing a small business.

These gifts are, of course, symbolic, so no matter which you choose, please know that you’re helping where it’s needed most. Together, we can offer hope and help create a better tomorrow.

*Scroll to the bottom to learn more about how IOCC’s gift catalog works.

*Notice to Donors: The IOCC projects and specific uses of funds described are general, and may apply to different projects at multiple locations. Individual projects and activities may be modified, reprioritized, or replaced periodically. Donors’ gifts will be included in funds allocated from time to time to support all projects on the basis of current and future needs and priorities, in IOCC’s discretion.