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Jerusalem and the West Bank
Study Trip 2007 Itinerary
Jerusalem and the West Bank
Study Trip 2007 Diary


Here’s what past participants have to say about their experience on an IOCC study trip:

“Seeing first hand the vivid aftermath of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina placed in context the dramatic effect of the work of IOCC at every stage of the process of recovery there for individuals and communities. The dedication and expertise of the staff of IOCC was impressive.”

— Anne Glynn Mackoul

“The professionalism of IOCC’s Bosnia staff was exceeded only by their love and dedication to their mission. Their relationship with the community is like the bridge between IOCC beneficiaries and donors.”

— Andreas Hoeft

The Culic family hosted participants at their greenhouse farm in Novi Grad.

“The tour gave me a greater perspective because I could actually speak and interact with people whose lives have been changed by IOCC. That was the gift of the trip.”

Nick Furris

“The trip was great. I enjoyed meeting and being with the IOCC staff in Banja Luka. You could easily see that they truly cared about their jobs and the many people IOCC is helping. I learned so much — about a country recovering from war, the culture, the struggles, the daily lives of the people, and the hope IOCC is providing to this country.”

— Mitzi Theo

“Even after all the death and destruction that war brings, new life rises up and brings a glimmer of hope for a brighter tomorrow for the people of Bosnia.”

— Antonis Pantazopoulos

Participants visit Monastery Soko in western Serbia.

“The ingenuity that the beneficiaries showed and the creativity that they had in rebuilding their lives was inspiring. They took what they were given and they ran with it. What would it be like to lose your home and come back daring to start over again?”

Father Paul Wesche
Orthodox Church of America

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