“Every Bit of Help Matters”

December 6, 2018

“Every Bit of Help Matters”

When fast-moving fires swept through the seaside village of Mati, Greece, Olga and her family lost their home.

But they didn’t lose each other, and they didn’t lose hope.

Olga and her husband had worked hard to create a safe, loving home full of memories for their two boys, elementary-school age. It was Olga’s childhood home, too, and a wedding gift from her parents.

After the fires, this family of four is starting over.

While they save up to rebuild, living with family in another town, Olga is determined to maintain a normal routine for her boys, Konstantinos (10) and Spiros (5). This means keeping them in the schools they know, where they can be with their friends and continue learning in a familiar setting.

Because of your support, IOCC was able to provide Olga with a prepaid card for bookbags, notebooks, and pencils. Because of this prepaid card, Olga was able to take her boys to buy new school supplies and help restore a sense of order and routine as the school year began.

In addition to the cards, Olga also received a prepaid grocery card to cover some basic expenses, giving her and her husband a moment to regroup.

“Whatever we receive is a help,” said Olga.

Olga’s resilience is remarkable. Her hope is even more inspiring.

Hope is everywhere at Christmastime: hope in God’s love for us, hope in His newborn Son, hope of celebrating with loved ones, hope for a fresh start with the coming new year.

This Christmas, will you offer hope to a family like Olga’s—a family facing challenges that most of us can only imagine? Will you consider making a Christmas gift that will have a lasting impact?