Latest Updates

US: Long-Term Emotional and Spiritual Care

Frontliners, who train with IOCC to provide emotional and spiritual care in disaster situations, are often the first teams that IOCC puts on the ground after a US storm.

Syria: Overcoming Trauma with Hope

Group awareness sessions for people dealing with the effects of displacement, conflict, and other traumas are part of IOCC’s psychosocial support work in Syria.

Preparing Takes Work

Through Homefront training for parishes, emotional and spiritual care from our Frontliners, and Action Team volunteers, IOCC is laying the groundwork for resilience in the face of disaster.

Are You Disaster Ready?

Flooding, fires, and storms can affect any of us, no matter where we live. And September is National Preparedness Month, so there's no time like the present.

Help for Our Neighbors in Greece

Amid extensive, catastrophic floods across Greece, IOCC invites our friends and supporters to pray for everyone affected by the recent storm named Daniel.

Overcoming Obstacles amid Upheaval

In Ukraine, IOCC is helping provide consultations with social workers, psychologists, and lawyers, and providing emergency aid like food, clothes, and medicine.