Latest Updates

Finding Hope in Ethiopia

Following the devastating locust infestation in Ethiopia, IOCC has helped locals get the supplies they needed to grow and harvest new crops.

Romania: Preventing Trafficking, Protecting People

IOCC is supporting training in the prevention of human trafficking, especially for people like clergy and social workers who work with Ukrainian refugees and others who might face greater risk.

Greece: Help for Ukrainian Refugees

Supermarket vouchers for Ukrainian refugees in Greece have allowed families to purchase exactly what they need as they begin rebuilding their lives in a new place.

Ukraine: Practical Help for Displaced Families

IOCC has been helping people affected by the conflict in Ukraine since it began—both people displaced in their own country and those who fled as refugees. The work continues across the region.

Jordan: Finding a Brighter Future

In Jordan, IOCC does a lot of work to make sure people in need—both Jordanians and refugees—get specialized support, especially when it comes to disabilities and impairments.

Rebuilding after Fires on Evia

Ioannis is in a new space with his new tools from IOCC after the devastating fires in Greece destroyed his carpentry shop.