Since 2009, IOCC has offered educational assistance and increased access to clean water, supporting good health and access to schooling.

Giving the Gift of Learning

More than two decades of civil war, economic decline, and an AIDS epidemic have all combined to devastate northern Uganda

  • 2.7 million of the country’s children are orphaned. This is over 7% of the total population.
  • Several million more children have no education. Those able to attend a school face:
    • severely overcrowded classes
    • chronic shortage of textbooks, writing paper and pencils
    • chronic shortage of well-trained teachers
    • lack of desks and chairs

But there is hope, thanks to the generosity of donors like you.

Donors Make it Possible for Hundreds of Ugandan Students to Learn

Recent efforts by the Ugandan government to improve the quality of education – including teacher training – has resulted in a sharp rise in boys and girls completing their primary education.

This naturally has led to a spike in the demand for secondary education. Older students are now seeking the knowledge and skills needed for good jobs as adults.

Building and Furnishing Schools

IOCC has constructed three secondary schools in Uganda, providing access to education for over 700 children living in Gulu, Butembe and Lwemiyaga.

Another school will open in the remote village of Butembe. IOCC supporters are the reason why there is now a secondary school for 240 students. Before the new school was constructed the old one-room school filled quickly each morning as hundreds of children filed in and sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the dirt floor. One teacher instructed 500 students in two shifts. There were no desks, chairs or books—only a large chalkboard at one end of the room.

– Children jam into a building shell, sit on a dirt floor, and have no desks or books. But they’re still eager to learn.

The new school is a huge change for the students. It has four classrooms that are equipped with desks, chairs, essential teaching equipment, bathrooms and a school office! Imagine how much better they’ll learn – thanks to people like you who support IOCC.

Children Also Need Safe Water

Butuembe’s Lake Victoria currently serves as the area’s main water resource – for people and animals. Consequently it’s contaminated and exposes children and their families to life-threatening diseases such as cholera, diarrhea and dysentery.

In response, IOCC dug a new water well, installed a water pump, and installed a rain harvesting system on the new school grounds to ensure students have access to clean and safe water. Schools in Gulu and Lwemiyaga also received new wells and upgraded rainwater harvesting systems.

IOCC’s in-country partners include the Uganda Orthodox Church; the Holy Archdiocese of Kampala and All Uganda of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa; plus generous support from the St. Nektarios Education Fund and the Katherine Valone St. Photini Water Initiative.


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