Dreaming Big in Rural Uganda

April 30, 2018

To increase access to education in rural Uganda, IOCC in partnership with the St. Nektarios Education Fund built a new school in Lwemiyaga in 2014, including two rainwater-harvesting systems to collect water for laundry and washing. The school is run by the Uganda Orthodox Church, and now we are constructing a new dormitory there. The new dormโ€™s own rainwater-harvesting system, plus a modern latrine and shower, are currently in the works.

Meet five students at the Lwemiyaga school who are dreaming big because of your support.

Meet Abdul, 17. Abdul is in the Senior 2 class at the Lwemiyaga school in Uganda and has nine brothers and sisters. He loves physics, playing football, and wants to become a construction engineer.





Meet Dorothy, 17, from Kampala. Taking after her mother, a doctor, Dorothy wants to be a surgeon one day. Asked why she started attending school in Lwemiyaga, Dorothy cited its strong academic reputation and affordability.





Meet Judith, 17, who learned about the strong academics at the Lwemiyaga school in Uganda and now keeps busy studying her favorite subjects: chemistry and English. Both Judith’s parents are farmers, and she’d like to become a nurse when she’s older.





Juliet, 15, lives in a village near the Lwemiyaga school in Uganda with her parents, who are farmers. This is her first year at this school, and she enjoys English class most. Juliet dreams of becoming a reporter for radio or TV and maybe even a news anchor.





Kerren, 17, lives 6 miles from the Lwemiyaga school. After her father’s death, Kerren’s mom sold part of their land so Kerren could stay in school and continue on the path to becoming a surgeon. Kerren’s favorite subjects are biology and math.

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