IOCC has been in Romania since 2000, offering emergency aid and development projects that support families and children.

Romania Needs Your Help

It’s been more than 25 years since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Yet Romania still struggles with adjustments to a post-communist economy and society. It is particularly difficult for the minority Roma population.

– Children have a chance to learn – thanks to donors like you who assemble school kits and send them to IOCC.

Problems include:

  • Inadequate government funding.
  • Widespread segregation of Roma children in schools
  • People burdened by life-limiting obstacles from mental illness, alcoholism and substance abuse
  • An overburdened social services system unable to properly address issues such as joblessness, domestic violence and child abuse
  • Despite its tremendous human and natural resources, Romania lags far behind the rest of Europe in jobs and income level.
  • Access to healthcare is inadequate in many rural areas.

How You Can Help the Children and Families of Romania

With your support, IOCC helped create more resilient communities. Over 2,100 clergy, educators and social service providers across Romania were trained with more effective administrative, financial and programming skills. This was done by working closely with the Romanian Orthodox Church.

These newly trained professionals return to their parishes and social service agencies better equipped to provide guidance and support to families.

Although the training phase is complete, IOCC continues to provide small grants to schools and social service centers to put their training into practice. With your support, this program is helping the Church become a key player in providing social services, creating new jobs and improving education and health care standards.

Other ongoing work includes educational support. Thousands of school kits from donors like you have already been sent to children in Romania. Without these supplies, it would be difficult for them to learn. If you would like to assemble and send more school kits, please don’t hesitate. Thank you.