Changing Lives: Hear Victoria’s Story as a Ukrainian Refugee in Romania

July 18, 2023

Ukrainian refugees in Romania receive grocery vouchers from IOCC, ensuring they can get exactly what their families need.

Meeting Changing Needs

Victoria, a Ukrainian refugee, shared, “I am very grateful for the help, the feeling of trust and protection that you have given us,” when she spoke of the support that she and her newborn son received through IOCC since arriving in Romania.

As conflict is ongoing, IOCC continues to help meet the essential needs of the people in Ukraine and those who have fled to safety like Victoria. From a grocery voucher program in Romania to an antitrafficking training program for clergy, social workers, and volunteers, your gifts are making it possible for IOCC and its partners to continue to serve the people of Ukraine.

Learn more about how IOCC’s response is shifting to meet changing needs.