IOCC has continued to serve Haitian communities since the 2010 earthquake, offering emergency supplies and education support.

Rebuilding Education and Infrastructure

Even though the catastrophic 2010 earthquake has disappeared from the headlines, IOCC continues its rebuilding work in Haiti thanks to the support of donors like you. Alongside Orthodox Church partners, IOCC provides much needed educational assistance to Haitian youth.

This assistance includes technical guidance and financial support to aid in the operation of four Orthodox schools providing primary education, including one school for the disabled. Thank you for making it possible for over 800 students to continue attending school.

Your Donations Make It Possible for the Children of Haiti to Attend School

IOCC has also aided in the rebuilding of three schools (1,500 students) in the towns of Petion Ville, Tabarre and Georges Marc following the 2010 earthquake.

We are currently in the process of rehabilitating St. Jean de Freres Orthodox Elementary School. Nearly 400 students attend this school free of charge and it has made a huge difference in the lives of many families. "If it were not for the school, most of the parents have told me that it would mean an end to their children's formal education," said Father Barnabas who runs the school.

The school needs about $5,000 each month to cover expenses – just $12.50 per student. Keeping the doors open is a daily challenge. "This is the cause that God has given me," said Fr. Barnabas. "We always have faith and hope that the future will be good. While we have hope, we know that we are still in the darkness. Each day we hope that things will be better."

---"If it were not for the school, most of the parents have told me that it would mean an end to their children's formal education." Father Barnabas

Life After the Earthquake

When the earthquake struck in 2010, our donors made it possible for IOCC to act immediately. Within a week we were on the ground in Haiti helping in a wide variety of ways. A total of nearly $4 million in aid was distributed to earthquake survivors. Your compassionate support directly served nearly 200,000 vulnerable people.

The life-saving emergency aid included:

  • Medicine & Medical Equipment
  • School Reconstruction
  • Food Distribution
  • Reforestation Projects
  • Sanitation & Energy Production
  • Water
  • Wheelchairs, Crutches & Walkers
  • Tents & Shelter Materials
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Fuel
  • Blankets & Mattresses

Whenever possible, relief items such as food, fuel, blankets and mattresses were purchased in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This was done to support the local economy and promote the renewed flow of commerce on the island.

Please give to the International Emergency Response Network, or the United States Emergency Response Network. Help us be prepared for any emergency, at anytime, anywhere. Thank you.

Meet Lovely- Your Gift At Work

Lovely attends a school for the developmentally disabled that IOCC donors helped rebuild. Read why Lovely's mom calls this school a "gift from God."