IOCC Monitors Dorian’s Impact

In preparation for Dorian, IOCC is coordinating with partners and Orthodox parishes in affected areas and has Frontliners standing by.

Can You Help Us Stay Prepared?

It's only with donor support that is IOCC able to respond quickly and effectively with care and assistance to those in need.

Gaza: Boosting Health Means a Brighter Future

When children don’t get the nutrition they need, it can seriously affect their development. And in Gaza, where jobs and incomes are limited, families often struggle to provide enough ...

Greece: Steadily Growing into Success

A Greek social co-op based in Aiginio, Greece, Speira Gis was established in 2013 and started production two years later. Today, the group has five members.

Are Your Supplies Gathered?

Follow this checklist as you create your emergency supply kit, and don't forget to pack enough for 72 hours!

Disasters Don’t Plan. You Can.

Recently, there has been no shortage of weather-related events. We've experienced some of the coldest Aprils on record, record heat temperatures across the country, and life-threatening flooding in several areas.

The Work Doesn’t Stop

Catie, her husband Chris, their three children, and Chris’s mother fled their home on March 16 as floodwaters rose in Pacific Junction, Iowa.