Latest Updates

UPDATE: Hurricane Idalia

Our US Program team is monitoring developments closely and coordinating assessments with partners and Orthodox parishes across affected areas.

Praying for the US Southwest

As communities across the southwestern US face dangerous flooding in the wake of hurricanes and tropical storms, as well as an earthquake in southern California, IOCC is praying for everyone affected.

Ethiopia: Walking the Path of Change

Ensuring that the next generation knows how to prevent and treat podoconiosis shapes long-term change and equips young people to influence their families’ and communities’ future.

IOCC Volunteer Update | 2023 Issue 7

IOCC’s Annual Report, Praying for Greece amid Fires, Volunteers in Action, Growing Businesses & Promoting Economic Stability in Greece, and more!

Help for Our Neighbors in Greece

IOCC's International Emergency Response Fund supports quick response to disasters like the fires on Rhodes and across Greece.

Jordan: Don’t Stop Believing

Speech therapy and other specially tailored care have helped Fadi overcome his apraxia of speech, gaining new confidence and learning how to communicate effectively.

Syria Vocational Training Campaign Results

IOCC’s popular vocational training program in Damascus is helping earthquake survivors and others in need gain the skills they need for in-demand careers in a challenging economy.