IOCC provides global humanitarian aid and sustainable development assistance through programs and projects proven to bring relief and build resilience.

Humanitarian Programs

IOCC’s humanitarian work has spanned operations in more than 60 countries, bringing aid and building resilient structures that strengthen local communities and equip them to better manage future challenges. IOCC works closely with the local Orthodox Church, affected communities, international partners, and other NGOs to offer humanitarian projects and development aid in an effective, responsible way.

While offering myriad programs tailored to local needs and circumstances, IOCC specializes in five key sectors of humanitarian work and sustainable development:

Emergency Action

Addressing people’s immediate needs amid natural disasters, human-caused calamities, conflict, and more while building resilience to mitigate the effects of future humanitarian emergencies.

Water Sanitation

Improving access to clean, safe water and minimizing public health threats in vulnerable communities to improve WASH conditions worldwide.

Economic Opportunity

Offering education, training, and resources that assist people in developing skills that will lead to meaningful careers and create long-term change in their communities.


Providing rural families with the training, equipment, and mentorship necessary to improve their nutrition, raise their standard of living, and grow their agricultural productivity and income.


Protecting the well-being of communities through prevention, intervention, and education services while connecting people in difficult situations with the care they need.

IOCC continues to serve communities where we work in other program areas, as needs and local priorities indicate. Additional services can include:

If you are aware of a community in need, please send your full request to