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Since 1992, International Orthodox Christian Charities has brought help and hope to people affected by conflict, poverty, disease, and natural disaster throughout the world. With the support of a worldwide network of Orthodox Church leaders, local partners, volunteers, and donors, IOCC works each day to assist people affected by crisis—refugees, the elderly, children, families and people with disabilities—through humanitarian relief and longer-term development programs.

Watch our videos below to see your faith in action through IOCC.

Helping Gamal Speak with Confidence

A Loyal Volunteer Since 1992: Meet Panorea

From Syria to Canada: Meet Rasha

Meet Fr. Barnabas Powell: An IOCC Frontliner

Providing Education for Uganda: Meet Fr. Evan Armatas

Providing Relief for Syria: Meet Grace

Meet Steve Kreta: A Committee Chair since 1993

A Former Beneficiary Turned Supporter: Meet Natasa

Help for Families in Greece

Saving Syria’s Children

IOCC Responds to Greece & US

Leading Efforts Against Malnutrition

What are people saying about IOCC?

“Obviously IOCC was a major player here. They came out early on. I think they did very well in terms of how they approached the problem. They went to local communities, talked to the diocese, to the priests, to the community leaders, to the farmers, to those most impacted by the damage. They went to the communities and talked to them about their needs. So we were very pleased that an American organization and private citizens reached out to help their Greek friends.”
— Daniel V. Speckhard, U.S. Ambassador to Greece

“IOCC has opened avenues for Orthodox activity where no one imagined we would ever go.”
— His Eminence Archbishop DEMETRIOS of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

“IOCC’s mission in the service of the poor is a common, sacred task…. IOCC is a vehicle of cooperation for the sister Orthodox Churches. We need this inter-Orthodox unity not only in the area of philanthropy but also on a broader spectrum.”
— His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW