Economic Opportunities

IOCC helps families and communities create lasting change.

Break the Poverty Cycle

IOCC is working hard to build foundations on which people can help themselves. It starts with a single person or family, and quickly spreads to a neighborhood … then to a community … and in time this is what leads to the economic growth and economic development of a country.

Think of it as planting seeds, nurturing them and then watching the plants prosper and spread on their own. This is the hope and progress you bring to people in need around the world when you support IOCC.

How You Help Create Better Lives


Since 2002, $19 million in small loans have been given to over 2,000 enterprising women and men through an IOCC microcredit fund. These loans help entrepreneurs start or grow a business, and create a positive and lasting impact on the country’s post-war economy. The loans have sparked an economic ripple effect: 1,800 new sustainable jobs supporting approximately 31,000 family members.


The fresh produce, eggs, chicken and milk purchased by impoverished Greek families using an IOCC prepaid grocery card are sourced from Greek farms and dairies. This ensures that the local economy and local farming families also benefit from the money spent in the markets. Everybody wins. The economy grows. Your support also helps fund jobs for 10 young workers who collect, pack and distribute dry food parcels through food banks and the largest soup kitchen in Athens, operated by IOCC church partner, Apostoli. Read more of the latest news from Greece and how you’re helping.


The Cash for Work programs your donations help fund provide short-term jobs for displaced Syrians. IOCC and its church partner, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East have harnessed this skilled workforce for projects such as cleaning up and restoring schools and parks, or sewing and knitting clothes for displaced children. Since 2012, the project has helped more than 1,500 people as well as local economies by putting money into the pockets of those who need it most.


IOCC Community Kitchens feed more than 240 Syrian refugee families now living in Lebanon and provide much needed supplemental income to the Syrian refugee and local Lebanese women working as cooks in the kitchen.