Ukraine Response FAQs

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is a humanitarian aid agency. Inspired by our Christian faith, we respond to Christ’s call to serve people in need. In Ukraine this entails working with partners on the ground to provide fuel for heating, bath and bedding essentials, food and per-sonal hygiene items, water, medicine, and support to those who are helping refugees.

IOCC’s mission is to help those who need it most without discrimination. We believe that all people of goodwill can work together to help with the immediate needs of the children and families caught in the conflict, all while working to develop a long-term response plan.

Who is IOCC working with in Ukraine?

We have both Church and non-Church partners inside Ukraine. Our focus is on serving people in need, first and foremost. In any response, IOCC works with varied local partners who can help us meet those needs.

We’re working with both secular and Church partners in Ukraine; however, knowing there are significant security issues, particularly in-country in Ukraine, IOCC is not publicizing our partner names so that they can continue to provide for basic needs. Rest assured that we have stringent vetting processes in place to ensure that we’re working with the most effective partners in any country.

  • In Romania, we’re working with long-time Church partner Federation Filantropia.
  • In Ukraine, we work with both Church and secular partners.
  • In Poland, we’re working with the humanitarian arm of the Orthodox Church of Poland.

IOCC’s focus is on serving human needs. We work with the blessing of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States, serving as one of their agencies. It’s not typical for IOCC to offer commentary on statements by any jurisdiction or hierarch of the Church.

Thank you for your interest in IOCC’s humanitarian and development work. IOCC does not have an overseas volunteer program. However, you can find current job openings at