Uganda: Supporting Ebola Response

February 23, 2023

Working with the Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau, IOCC support provided much-needed equipment and supplies to combat and contain the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. (Photo: UOMB)

In response to the outbreak of Ebola across parts of Uganda, IOCC has again partnered with the Uganda Orthodox Medical Bureau on prevention and response. This ongoing project is providing emergency protective equipment and supporting infection control at all health facilities affiliated with the Uganda Orthodox Church (UOC).

In addition to supplying much-needed equipment to protect staff and patients at UOC clinics, the project is training health workers on infection prevention and control.

In all, the program is directly serving about 100 health workers at 22 health facilities across Uganda, including the Ebola prevention and response team at each. With each clinic reaching an average of 5,000 people, the initiative is helping protect thousands as Uganda continues to contain this deadly disease.