Back in Syria, Mohammad—a father of seven—worked as a mechanic. He had completed a bachelor’s degree and held a good job. But when conflict broke out in Syria, he and his family had to flee. Starting over in a new city is difficult under the best of circumstances; it’s an even greater challenge for refugees. IOCC Jordan has provided vocational training to Syrian refugees, and Mohammad trained in home electrical wiring. While he was training, IOCC provided rent assistance to his family, so he could concentrate on learning. Mohammad also received a small grant to launch a new business, based on a business plan developed and reviewed by IOCC.

“The most happy day was graduation day,” he said. “I felt pride, especially when it came time for the practical application of my skills in the field. I feel that I am producing something and not just relying on the community for support. With the [rent] support for my family, skills from the course, and a grant from IOCC, I have been able to start my work.”